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Monuments and Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

As I’m sitting and eating the last of our freeze-dried astronaut food from the Smithsonian gift shop (hell yeah Neapolitan ice cream!), I wanted to share the last few pictures from our Washington, D.C. trip.

Field Trip: Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Last weekend, we hit the road for a long weekend in Washington, D.C. Our main sightseeing goals? Aeronautics and Julia Child. Since there are two huge museums dedicated to flight and only one room dedicated to Julia, it was a little unbalanced, but I made up for it by spending

A Sleepy Hollow Afternoon

My siblings and I grew up with cameras in our hands, thanks to our photographer father. Everyday was an opportunity for a photography lesson, either on composition, lighting, or the more entertaining techniques of how to be a working photojournalist (“No officer, you may not have my camera, I’m on

More Leaves Than I Can Possibly Count

Another gorgeous fall day at New York Botanical Gardens spent hiking around the new trails and watching people canoe, watercolor, read poetry and just explore the forest. See more photographs from the reopening of the Thain Family Forest this weekend. Inside the tree: This is the Hester Bridge, which has

Bats, Bats, Batman.

After a day of gardening with Mario Batali, I was invited to experience Gone Batty! Day at NY Botanical Gardens.  So, maybe it wasn’t so much me that was invited, but more the photographer I’m working with, but I did get to go back and meet these guys:

Non-Delinquent Flowers: NY Botanical Gardens

While working on the chuppah-cabra, I occasionally took a few hours to do a non-knitting activity. Like sleeping, eating, and in this case, wandering through the New York Botanical Gardens with a camera. This set of photographs are from the Mario Batali’s Cooking Garden, where we first explored the garden,

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