Non-Delinquent Flowers: NY Botanical Gardens

While working on the chuppah-cabra, I occasionally took a few hours to do a non-knitting activity. Like sleeping, eating, and in this case, wandering through the New York Botanical Gardens with a camera. This set of photographs are from the Mario Batali’s Cooking Garden, where we first explored the garden, and then watched Mario cook using food straight from the vine.

Lots more photographs inside.

Beware the Wild Arugula Forest:

When I shot these photos, I was still knitting the leaf and vine border of the chuppah-cabra. You can imagine my excitement when I came across this pumpkin vine:

See the resemblance?! I may have actually jumped up and down and giggled a little when I saw this vine.

Still to come are photographs of the Gone Batty! show from another weekend at NY Botanical Garden. I have a few more trips planned for this fall, so look for more photography posts.

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