Bats, Bats, Batman.

After a day of gardening with Mario Batali, I was invited to experience Gone Batty! Day at NY Botanical Gardens.  So, maybe it wasn’t so much me that was invited, but more the photographer I’m working with, but I did get to go back and meet these guys:

I never realized that bats were so….furry. They remind me of my brother’s dog, a Pomeranian named Blacktop.

This bat had a wingspan of almost six feet! I very carefully asked about the type of bat, but have since forgot. I believe this is the Flying Fox Bat, but I may have made that up. Please let me know if you recognize her.

Inspired by my afternoon with the bats, and looking for some fun Halloween decoration, I saw these bats on the Made Blog. Here’s my apartment sized version:

And in honor of Batman: Arkham City’s release (and our general geekiness):

Yes, those are Christopher Nolan’s Batman logos flying out of our TV.

Happy Almost Halloween!

4 Replies to “Bats, Bats, Batman.”

  1. I like bats. I don’t know why everyone’s so freaked out by them. Aside from the occasional rabies they’re not so bad!


  2. Raheli says:

    Did you happen to notice how much those bats resemble Blacktop?


  3. Oh, I love bats and these are great photos!


  4. Lester Millman says:

    With your bats you hit it out of the park. Great stuff.


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