A Sleepy Hollow Afternoon

Colorful Decay

My siblings and I grew up with cameras in our hands, thanks to our photographer father. Everyday was an opportunity for a photography lesson, either on composition, lighting, or the more entertaining techniques of how to be a working photojournalist (“No officer, you may not have my camera, I’m on public property”).

In Loving Memory of Patty

One of the many quotes he drummed into my head is “Old people and small children are easy targets”, since the elderly always have intriguing faces, especially in black and white, and little kids have a range of¬† cute expressions, but neither guarantee an overall quality photograph.

I want to amend his original lesson to the elderly, the young and the dead. It’s almost automatic to edit cemeteries photographs into dark sinister shots, especially with Instagram or Photoshop. My other concern was shooting someone’s sculpture without any of my own artistic input. It’s easy to shoot an okay shot of an exquisitely carved gravestone, but I get much more satisfaction (and better photos) by finding the right angle, lighting and composition.

Without further ado, here’s Gwen and my afternoon at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery:

The (gravestone of the) man himself, Washington Irving

Click on this one to see inside the Old Dutch Church and through to the cemetery.

The Old Dutch Church at Night

Who or what do you find to be the easiest targets for photography? Do you have any guidelines for shooting them? Who else likes wandering through cemeteries (day or night)? Is anyone else obsessed with green copper doors?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here is the man that taught me about all things photography: www.lestermillman.com

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