Wayfinding Project

Wayfinding Project

Created for the Serious Fun Arts Festival

October 12-16, 2022

White Plains, NY

A site-specific installation of fifty unique utility pole wraps in rainbow colors using various materials.

Materials: plastic fencing, yarn, rope, plastic, t-shirts, mylar, wire, and found objects.

Just as I often find myself reaching for unlikely art materials, I also seek out unexpected spaces that often go overlooked. The city streets are filled with utilitarian objects that don’t have to be relegated to grey or beige. They can bring the joy of an unexpected surprise or tell a visual story. The brightest colors and loudest creative expressions often come from store windows. However, every wall, fence, and street light is an opportunity to celebrate the emotions and vibrance of the community.

Thank you


City of White Plains

Kathleen Reckling

Leigh Tayler Mickelson

Installation Team

Anna Campiglia

Caline Friedli

Dan Treiber

Jon Divi

Laura Solomon

Raheli Harper

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