YoHo Wrap-Up and Lessons Learned

I spotted this sign on the drive home from Sunday's show.

So the show is over and the flowers are lounging on my couch, like the lazy teenagers they are. This was one of the most positive show experiences I’ve had. I met some amazing and wonderful artists, who readily welcomed me into their space. There is so much creativity and energy flowing out of every doorway on the 5th floor, it took over the hallways, lounges and lobbies. As I’m writing this, I realize that I was so busy looking and talking, that I didn’t take pictures. I’ll remember that next time. Thankfully, there are lots of them on the YoHo Artist Facebook page.

The completed show, with all the props

The flowers fit the space perfectly, or maybe it was the other way around. It’s a little of both, I think. The reactions were incredibly positive, most involving smiling, laughing and occasionally exclamations. One woman, after seeing the flowers, walked around the corner and shouted down the hall “Suck my stamen!” Another woman said “Awww Honey, how cute! The flower is smoking!” I even got to fit in a couple of puns about bad seeds.

Some lessons I learned from this weekend:

  • Business Cards. I made mine Friday night and they were well liked, especially by a 7 year old, who insisted on having one of every pattern. I think he kept about 15 cards. More importantly, I had something with my name and contact information, and lots of them.
  • Something to Hold your Business Cards. I brought a wooden tray, but no pedestal. Thankfully, I had time and supplies to create a hanging display with wire, yarn and two bolts.
  • A Wall Sign. Again, I forgot this. Thankfully, I could borrow a Sharpie, paper and tape to make my own. I was sitting on the floor writing it when people started walking through the show. I’m just glad that I spelled my name correctly.
  • A Pen. I used it to write notes on the back of business cards, so I could remember who said what.
  • Something to Do. I brought yarn and started another flower in between visitors. Not only did it keep me entertained, but it also helped viewers connect to the work by showing them the process.
  • Food/Water/Sweater/Camera/Chair/Good Shoes. It’s the mom list. I only brought the first three things, and I survived. Okay, Tomasula Studio did lend me a chair, and the aforementioned Sharpie.

And one for scale reference

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