Installation Installed

After a loooong night to finish knitting, I installed Delinquent Flowers this afternoon. I have a few areas to choose from, and instead of the standard drywall studio space, I picked a brick wall with a large indented rectangle. The whole piece is framed by the brick edge and it keeps them from appearing small against the larger wall. Generally, brick walls are not conducive to hanging artwork, but the bricks gave the perfect backdrop to my sculptures. There were a few brackets and screws that allowed me to rig up a support system for hanging.

Some things I noticed today:

  • The one time I made a “don’t poke your eye out” joke, a wire jabbed me in the face a minute later.
  • Large stuffed flowers are MUCH heavier than I’d imagine.
  • Flower posture is very important when trying to express loitering.

Come see the show at YOHO Open Studios. It’s only this weekend, May 14th and 15th at 540 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY. The doors are open from 11-5 both days, and I’ll be there the whole time.

For more information, see

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