Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends |

A Creative and Crafty Ladies’ Night

Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends | www.sarahdivi.comLast weekend, I had the opportunity to lead a craft party for an incredible fun group of ladies. I walked them through two different projects, step by step, demonstrating several techniques and design options for each project. We created star stamped infinity scarves (see how to make the no-carve stamps here) and stranded necklaces from t-shirts (tutorial to come soon).

Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends |

Each lady put their own unique spin on their project. Their crafting abilities ranged from “I sew all of my kids’ costumes” Diane to “not a crafty bone in my body” Lynne. And you know what? There were successful! I’m so proud of each one of them.

See more of the fun after the jump. Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends |

Donna stitches a t-shirt into a flower, while Diane models her first necklace and starts a new one.Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends |

Teamwork helps when making those giant shirt loops.

Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends |

Lynne demonstrates her braiding technique, while surrounded by piles of t-shirt yarn and supplies. Ladies Craft Night | Crafts, Laughs, Friends | www.sarahdivi.comWe had a great time sitting around and working together to make fashionable accessories. Everyone went home with at least two finished projects and instruction sheets to make them again.

Are you interested in being a having a Ladies’ Craft Night with your friends? Want to throw a fun and crafty baby or bridal shower? Are you in or near the Westchester, NY area (or willing to pay travel fees? I’ll fly almost anywhere!)? Contact me at to learn more.

2 Replies to “A Creative and Crafty Ladies’ Night”

  1. Diane Safer says:

    Love it!!! But I think it was Dorit who sews all her kids costumes. I’ve made a few that I have put together but not sewn so much!

    Lots of fun!!! Thank you!!!

    Diane Safer Sent from my iPhone



  2. Lynn says:

    Awesome time! We can all create wonderful things while creating great times. I highly recommend booking your own craft party! Thanks.


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