Installation and New Show at Say What? Gallery

05-knitmaze09“We Should Have Just Let Go” is back up! It’s currently installed in the Say What? Gallery in Tannersville, NY. The opening was last night, and the current show, We Live in A Rainbow of Chaos, will be up through May 12th.


03-knitmaze02This is how it lives between shows, rolled up in three large bins.

This piece is made from unraveled sweaters donated by my friends and family. The yarn was then re-knit on extra large knitting needles.06-knitmaze10

It’s hung to create passageways for the viewer to explore while discovering different vantage points and mixes of colors.

From the street:21-knitmaze06


15-knitmaze19As the sunlight moves throughout the day, so do the shadows created by the layers of knitting.


By peering through the knit walls, new colors, shapes and patterns begin to emerge.

This work was knit over a period of nine months, from countless sweaters, by my grandmother and me. After decades of using small knitting needles to make socks, gloves and sweaters for her family, she was delighted to knit with the size 50 needles that I handed her. We spent many evenings sitting in her den and knitting away, while we took turns choosing movies to watch (Singing in the Rain vs. Nightmare Before Christmas).12-knitmaze15Walking through the installation, I can still recognize specific sweaters that gave their yarn. The sparkly blue of Emily’s sweater, the purple and white of my mom’s, the nubby purple with white tufts of my aunt’s sweater, the thin blue yarn of Jason’s sweater, etc. My friends Dan and Reina once gifted me six garbage bags of sweaters and yarn from what’s now become their amazing vintage toy and ephemera store, Dan’s Parents’ House. There are amazing memories woven into this work.

Here’s my mother and I debating on which pink yarn came from one of her sweaters.24-knitmaze21

There is amazing artwork in this show, here are just a few of them:


Mushroom Maypole by Leslie Pelino and the underside of the fabric mushrooms.


On the left is a fabric and wire hanging sculpture by Elena Patterson and dyed silk by Simo Neri on the right.
23-knitmaze26Come see the show before May 12th!

Say What? Contemporary Art Gallery is located at:

6042 Main Street, Tannersville, New York 12485

The gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Their phone number is (518) 589-7500.

20-knitmaze05See previous incarnations of We Should Have Just Let Go.



    • Thank you Henrietta! The Say What? Gallery is located at 6042 Main Street (Rt23A) Tannersville, New York. It’s near Hunter and Windham Mountain in the Catskill Region.


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