Fascinating Fascinators

three fascinators

Last night, my friends and I met up to make ourselves fascinators. Why? We wanted to go out for high tea and didn’t have the proper headwear, of course! We pooled our supplies, nibbled on cardamon tea cookies, drank some wine, and here is what emerged at the end of the night from the mountain of tulle and sequins. (I have to say, I’m a little jealous of Caline’s tulle collection, it’s awesome. It’s almost as amazing as her giant box of stickers.)

Caline’s The Leaf Garden on the left, complete with faux (Sharpie) stitching. My Tangled Pearl fascinator is on the right. Gwen’s Sea Glass Spray is in the background.

A close up of the Gwen’s beadwork on the Sea Glass Spray. Fun fact: Gwen is one half of Gwam from the Gwam afghan.

The Tangled Pearl

A closer look at Tangled Pearl. So far it includes tulle, felt strips and an old pearl button. It’s not quite done yet, it’s needs some more sequins and sparkle. I needed a warm-up project, so I make two little hair clips before I started my fascinator, and of course, ran out of time. I’ll make sure to finish before our tea date.

Have you made any headwear recently? Or things with sequins? Do you have a favorite tea house, that we should visit while wearing our fascinators? Especially in the Westchester, NY area? Will you join us wearing your own?

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